WWE RAW Ultimate Impact Full ISO [SINGLE-650MB]


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    Multi WWE RAW Ultimate Impact Full ISO [SINGLE-650MB]

    Post by Admin on Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:06 pm

    Starts a new match to play, the following match types are available in Exhibition:
    1 vs 1 Match
    2 vs 2 Tag Team Match
    2 vs 2 Tornado Tag Team Match
    Triple Threat Match
    Fatal 4-Way
    Battle Royal
    2 vs 1 Handicapped Match
    3 vs 1 Handicapped Match

    Title Match
    In the Title Match option in the Main Menu, you can compete to capture the following titles:
    World Heavyweight Championship
    Intercontinental Championship
    ECW Championship
    WWE Championship
    United States Championship
    Cruiserweight Championship

    King of the Ring
    In this option of the Main Menu, you may choose to become the King of the Ring!
    To Set Up a new Tournament in King of the Ring:
    Choose a Match type you want to participate: Single, Tag, Triple-Threat or Fatal 4-Way
    Determine the rules you want as you would in any other game mode
    Select the Superstar(s) you wish to compete as
    When done, press Enter to begin the King of the Ring match

    Create a Superstar
    Choose from different body parts, clothes, movies, and music. The pyros and stage lights can be edited as well to suit your needs

    In the museum, you can look up Superstars bios, watch their titantrons and listen to their entrance music
    You can also check out all of the items you've collected during your time playing the game

    Superstar Biographies
    Use the arrow keys to highlight a Superstar s picture and view his or her stats. You can also use the arrow keys to see more Superstar biographies by pushing left or right when you are at the edge of the screen
    After highlighting a Superstar, press the S key to view more information about him, as well as a close-up of the Superstar s in-game model

    WWE Raw: Ultimate Impact can be played on the
    minimum-recommended specifications:

    Windows 98/ME/XP compatible PC with DirectX 8
    Pentium III/500MHz Processor
    3D Graphics Card
    128 MB RAM
    700 MB of free Hard Drive Space
    DirectX certified sound card
    100% Microsoft compatible mouse and keyboard

    After download remove .del from filename
    i.e: "WWE.RAW.Ultimate.Impact.PC.Game.iso.del"
    TO "WWE.RAW.Ultimate.Impact.PC.Game.iso"
    Simply extract compressed files with the latest WinRAR and run "WWE Raw: Ultimate Impact.exe" to start the game....

    ENJOY ALL......!!! Smile








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