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    Good Forum Official Rules & Regulations

    Post by Admin on Mon Dec 28, 2009 9:43 am

    NOTE:Failure to follow the rules will result in a suitable punishment.
    All Staff decisions are final, and repeat offenders will be banned.


    • The language of fullnfree is English.no other language is to be used here.
    • Please make sure you post in the correct forum.
    • Search before you post to prevent duplication of topics.
    • This is a community, no flaming is appreciated, or allowed.
    • The use of a proxy is a bannable offence, no questions asked.
    • ALL links to other sites must be coded. No live links are allowed except for links to internal pages.
    • Do not mini-mod. This involves acting like a Staff member, or acting as if you have the appropriate authority.
    • Bumping of threads is not allowed.
    • Referral links of any kind, are not allowed.
    • Respect Admins, Super Moderators, Moderators.


    • Advertising your website is not allowed.even in more... category.
    • If you see an advertising, hit the report button to the bottom left of the PM!
    • If you see a user violating the Advertising rules, please contact the Staff immediately.


    • Hotlinking preferred
    • No offensive images.
    • No advertising in your avatar.


    • Your signature can consist of a maximum of one direct "signature image"
    • Text must be limited to a size no bigger than 2
    • Your signature image has to be resized,if it is too big it is not allowed
    • You are not allowed to have any type of referral/advertising link in your signature.
    • Please do not rip other peoples sigs and claim them as your own.
    • Any advertising in your signature will result in an infraction and your signature being reset.


    • make sure you add complete instructions to install/download from your topic.
    • Members must use topic icons located above post area.
    • Write the release year in the title of your post if u r posting in movies section.
    • Make sure you display the password clearly (if any).
    • You must post the title and image of the download you are gonna post.
    • Please post a description and at-least one image with your download.
    • You can use any language in the title of the movie, write name of the language and release date at the end e.g:De Dhana Dan (2009)(Hindi)
    • Provide serial number, keygen or crack with with post.
    • All links included in the Threads or Posts must be genuine, working and checked. No protected links are allowed.
    • Mirrors to your download are preferred and appreciated only in the allowed sections.
    • Take care in quality of post, if it's unorganized or in a total mess, the post will be deleted.
    • Spamming [As in a pointless post] will result in an infraction and repeated 'spams' will result in a ban.
    • Make sure your downloads work. Dead links are counted as spam and you will be warned.
    • Freeware is Welcome.
    • Phishers will be banned without question (Remember that you are responsible for what you post!)
    • The use of link protectors is not allowed


    • No flaming, cursing, or threatening other members.
    • Make an active contribution to the thread and continue the chat.
    • Please use text formatting in a manner that matches the rest of the forum. Excessively large text, unneeded line breaks, and an excessive number of colors per post are not allowed.
    • Don't go Offtopic in a thread, stick to the purpose of the thread.
    • Make sure the thread topic is clear and precise on the purpose of the conversation.


    • Make sure it's not already found. Use the Search button.
    • Please make sure you provide as much information as to what you want as you can.
    • Be appreciative to those who have found your request. Say thanks.


    • Warnings are to serve as a quick reminder of the rules for mistakes.
    • Infractions are to serve as a more formal warning for breaking of the rules.
    • If you are banned and you create a new account your will be IP Banned.
    • 3 active infractions will result in an automatic 2 week site ban.
    • If you break any of the rules you will be warned, infracted, or banned at the Staff's discretion.
    • If you feel a warning is unfair, contact the Moderator who issued it.


    • If you have any problems with the site itself [Server wise] then PM an Admin.
    • If you have problems with another member please PM a Mod or a Super Mod .
    • If you have a problem with any threads of posts please Pm a Mod or a Super Mod.
    • If you have problems with a section please PM the Moderator of that section or a Super Mod.
    • If you are unsure about the category your PM fits in please by default contact a Super Mod.

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